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Step # 1


Introduce your brand, participation and objectives for the upcoming event.

  • Create early interest and buzz
  • Employ destination strategies for your exhibits & events
  • Develop focused touch points for re-enforcement
  • Identify target VIP event participants
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Step # 2


Promote your brand, expand exposure and leverage target audience attention.

  • Utilize on-site media and press
  • Promote market expertise through speakers
  • Take advantage of sponsorships with your  integrated theme
  • Apply for awards
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Step # 3


Create a dynamic environment that attendees will want to visit.

  • Employ multi-tier branding
  • Execute the promise
  • Conduct business
  • Display products and messages creatively
  • Engage attendees and identify your VIP’s for event participation
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Step # 4


Experience the value from executing a fully integrated event.

  • Extend the promise and execute the theme
  • Create a private space with the integrated marketing messages
  • Turn conversations into relationships
  • Leverage high touch point conversations into future meetings
  • Deliver a non-threatening environment
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Step # 5


Extend the success and measure the results.

  • Execute pre-employed integrated marketing techniques that extend the connection
  • Deliver results that last
  • Measure successes and expand opportunities
  • Build future integrated program personality
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Client: Dematic
Show: ProMat
Location: Chicago
Size: 35' x 80' and 35' x 55'
Type: Custom

Dematic’s exhibit at ProMat in Chicago was their first opportunity after acquiring HK Systems to showcase their combined product line under a unified brand, and they wanted to impress. SPOON designed and built a custom three-story product exhibit featuring a double deck and private meeting rooms. The third story housed a “crow’s nest” with plexi walls and a glass floor, providing a breathtaking view across the exhibit hall as well as an aerial view of the Dematic product mix. A second exhibit space enclosed a VIP-only privately accessed environment to showcase the newest Dematic technology.