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Step # 1


Introduce your brand, participation and objectives for the upcoming event.

  • Create early interest and buzz
  • Employ destination strategies for your exhibits & events
  • Develop focused touch points for re-enforcement
  • Identify target VIP event participants
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Step # 2


Promote your brand, expand exposure and leverage target audience attention.

  • Utilize on-site media and press
  • Promote market expertise through speakers
  • Take advantage of sponsorships with your  integrated theme
  • Apply for awards
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Step # 3


Create a dynamic environment that attendees will want to visit.

  • Employ multi-tier branding
  • Execute the promise
  • Conduct business
  • Display products and messages creatively
  • Engage attendees and identify your VIP’s for event participation
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Step # 4


Experience the value from executing a fully integrated event.

  • Extend the promise and execute the theme
  • Create a private space with the integrated marketing messages
  • Turn conversations into relationships
  • Leverage high touch point conversations into future meetings
  • Deliver a non-threatening environment
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Step # 5


Extend the success and measure the results.

  • Execute pre-employed integrated marketing techniques that extend the connection
  • Deliver results that last
  • Measure successes and expand opportunities
  • Build future integrated program personality
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AT&T - VIP Customer Reception

Client: AT&T
Location: Multiple
Size: 30-50 people
Type: VIP Customer Reception

SPOON Events has planned several customer VIP receptions for AT&T. The events were developed as an integrated high-touch opportunity for VIP customers and selected prospects. SPOON handles site research and site selection, finding unique spaces within walking distance to the main convention to ensure maximum attendance. SPOON reinforces the AT&T brand through a registration website, beverage napkins, table skirts, ice sculptures and promotional items. In this example, edible centerpieces were made out of rock candy in the AT&T colors of blue, green and orange.