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Step # 1


Introduce your brand, participation and objectives for the upcoming event.

  • Create early interest and buzz
  • Employ destination strategies for your exhibits & events
  • Develop focused touch points for re-enforcement
  • Identify target VIP event participants
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Step # 2


Promote your brand, expand exposure and leverage target audience attention.

  • Utilize on-site media and press
  • Promote market expertise through speakers
  • Take advantage of sponsorships with your  integrated theme
  • Apply for awards
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Step # 3


Create a dynamic environment that attendees will want to visit.

  • Employ multi-tier branding
  • Execute the promise
  • Conduct business
  • Display products and messages creatively
  • Engage attendees and identify your VIP’s for event participation
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Step # 4


Experience the value from executing a fully integrated event.

  • Extend the promise and execute the theme
  • Create a private space with the integrated marketing messages
  • Turn conversations into relationships
  • Leverage high touch point conversations into future meetings
  • Deliver a non-threatening environment
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Step # 5


Extend the success and measure the results.

  • Execute pre-employed integrated marketing techniques that extend the connection
  • Deliver results that last
  • Measure successes and expand opportunities
  • Build future integrated program personality
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The SPOON Approach: Get the Most Out of Your Tradeshows

A press release from The Tradeshow Coach was posted this week on the PR Log Press Release Distribution website in regards to the Consumer Electronics Show currently going on in Las Vegas, and the common exhibiting mistakes being made. As many of you know, SPOON launched a new SPOON Approach in 2012 that touches upon these same exhibiting mistakes, and how utilizing our approach can help you get the most out of your tradeshows.

The press release explains that if you “walk the show floor…you’ll find many of the exhibitors who don’t have a clue how to interact with the visitors, and what they need to be doing to maximize their time and money investment at CES.” The press release then goes on to note; “It is obvious they lack the trade show exhibitor training needed to learn the essentials to really make the most of their time on the show floor.” Part of our SPOON Approach is Booth Staff Training, where we express that the key value of exhibiting at a tradeshow is to engage real people about real products and services in real time. We believe with proper Booth Staff Training comes more quality leads, more sales and a higher return on investment.

This is just one service offered in our SPOON Approach, to help you get the most out of your tradeshow experience.

The Tradeshow Coach Press Release

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